Accurate metal folding and metal cutting services

For a range of forms and shapes that suit their individual purpose, we perform metal folding and cutting services that will reform a range of materials to the exact specifications of what you need. We pride ourselves in delivering specific and accurate results that cater to whatever materials or shapes required to suit your project. We offer this accuracy because we have the precise equipment to fold and cut materials with accuracy.

Metal folding services


We’ve recently installed new machinery which is able to execute the exact metal folds that are manually inserted into its system. All that needs to be done is have one of our experienced operators plug in the required dimensions and our equipment is capable of producing an exact result for all our clients. Some of the dimensions our equipment can accommodate includes:

  • Anything of 4000mm length
  • 12mm for mild steel
  • 6mm in stainless steel


  • Maximum Working Length 4100mm
  • Force Capacity 175 Ton
  • Y1, Y2, X, R – 4 – axis
  • CNC CybTouch12 screen control unit
  • Servo motor back gauge & ball screw system (X-R)
  • CNC crowning system
  • 60mm die holder
  • European top clamping system
  • Sliding front arms with brush
  • Special cover design
  • World standard electric equipments
  • MDS Laser Kit (for Top Beam)
  • Manual MCS+DSP AP Laser Kit (PLC included)
  • Motorised MCS+DSP AP Laser Kit (PLC included)

  • Control unit – CybTouch15, ModEva PAC, Delem DA-52S, Delem DA-58T, Delem DA-66T, Delem DA-69T
  • Z1-2 axis
  • Z1-2 + Z5 axis
  • Extended back gauges ( X : 750 – 1000 – 1250)
  • Quick release clamping
  • Wila PRO and PREMIUM Top and Bottom clamping systems
  • Manual Central lubrication system
  • Motorized Central lubrication system
  • Laser Bending line
  • CE confirmation with light curtain ( back side )
  • Back gauge finger and sliding front support arms

Our guillotine metal cutter


Our sheet metal fabrications also include cutting up metal to your desired dimensions. With our newest guillotine cutter, we’re able to be more accurate than ever. Capable of cutting any mild steel of 3-4 metres in length, this provides our clients with precise results that ensure satisfaction. We want to make sure we get things done correctly the first time, so you can count on us to deliver.

ADH Series Variable Rake hydraulic guillotines are built to a heavy duty industrial quality. Designed and constructed to provide excellent shearing of material with clean, square edges, and to exacting tolerance.

VR Series hydraulic shears are equipped with the productive features and safety devices for optimum, accurate cutting performance usually only found on more expensive units. Feature for feature, they are a smart, user friendly and reliable choice for cutting plate. Three pairs of rollers ensure optimum guiding of the cutting beam.

All of these features combined with variable rake angle minimise any deformation of materials even with thin strip cutting.


  • Precision Ballscrew motorised back gauge to 1000 mm range
  • German P40T Touch screen system with programmable angle blade setting
  • Unique front angle gauge with calibrated setting.
  • Laser line pointer displaying operator cutting line
  • Multi edge quality cutting blades
  • Heavy duty ‘ball transfers’ fitted as standard
  • Heavy duty squaring arm with stainless steel scales
  • Rear safety fencing with ‘safety cut-off’ guards
  • Open side throat for long length slitting
  • Sturdy remote operation foot-pedal with ’emergency stop’ fitted
  • CE compliant

Technical Data Snap-Shot

  • 3200mm x 13.0mm cutting capacity
  • 100mm standard side throat depth
  • 0.5 ~ 2.0 degrees variable rake setting
  • Shipping dimensions – 4050mm x 1900mm x 2350mm
  • Weight – 11000Kg
  • Power – 415V 15Kw

We offer some of the most accurate sheet metal fabrication machinery in Riverland. Choose our one-of-a-kind equipment!

Our Locations

We provide our sheet metal fabrication services in Berri and the surrounding Riverland region. We’re also available to travel across South Australia for long-term, larger projects. Some of the locations we’ve serviced before include:

  • Renmark
  • Loxton
  • Waikerie
  • Barmera
  • Monash
  • Adelaide
  • McLaren Vale
  • Murray Bridge

If your location isn’t on this list, we still may be able to accommodate you. Reach out to our team today and we’ll see what we can do.

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We have the experience required to confidently complete metal folding and metal cutting services in the Berri area and across the Riverland. Reach out to us today and find out how we can complete your project. Fill out our inquiry form with the details, or call us and share your ideas. We also offer Welding services to our clients.

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  • Sheets in various sizes
  • Tube (up to 6” in size)
  • Solid Bar (up to 75mm in thickness)
  • Flat Bar (in various lengths and 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm in thickness)
  • Angle (in various lengths and 3mm and 5mm in thickness)
  • RHS (in various lengths and 1.6mm and 3mm in thickness)
  • BSM Unions and Blank Caps (from 1.5” up to 4” in size)
  • Triclover Unions and End Caps (from 1” up to 8” in size)
  • Bends 90° and 45° (from 1” up to 4” in size)
  • Tube Clamps – Plain Interlocking, Bossed Interlocking & Long Tang (from ¾” upto 4”)
  • Concentric & Eccentric Reducers (various sizes)
  • Pulled Reducing Tees (various sizes)
  • Equal Tees (from ¾” up to 4”)
  • Swept Tees (from 1” up to 4”)
  • Domed End Caps (from 1” to 4”)
  • Barrel Nipples (6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 32, 40,50, 65, 80, and 100mm)
  • Hex Nipples (6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 32, 40,50, 65, 80, and 100mm)
  • Sockets (6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 32, 40,50, 65, 80, and 100mm)
  • Toe Nipples (from ½” up to 4”)
  • BSP to Tube Adaptors (from 3/8” up to 4”)
  • Blind and Slip On Tube Flanges (from 1” up to 4”)
  • 3pce BSP Ball Valves (from ½” up to 3”)