Concrete Core Drilling Services and Concrete Cutting 

We Are One of the Few Concrete Core Drilling Service Providers in Berri and the Riverland

If there’s a service that we provide our customers that’s better than anyone else across the Riverland, it’s Concrete Coring and Cutting. We’re one of the few providers of Concrete Coring services in the Riverland region. View some examples of our concrete coring work here:

What Is Concrete Coring?

For many Commercial and Residential Projects across the Construction Industry, it’s almost inevitable that at some stage Concrete Coring, also known as Concrete Core Drilling, will be required.

Concrete Coring is utilised for a variety of purposes. In Construction, one of its main purposes, is to make way for new electrical conduits and cables, plumbing piping, and reinforcement (starter bars, hold down bolts, and storage units) during home extensions or commercial fit outs.

Concrete coring in progress on wall

Why Choose Us for Concrete Core Drilling Services?

Concrete Coring can’t be performed by just anyone. It requires specialised equipment and expertise. If you’re in need of Concrete Coring in Berri and the Riverland, Scotty’s Welding and Fabrication can provide you with excellent service for a competitive rate.

We have the necessary training and equipment to drill or cut through concrete, sandstone, brick, and a variety of materials up to 350 millimetres in diameter and up to 460 millimetres in depth into floors or walls. We do this either by using our vacuum pumped corer for walls or a concrete saw or vertical corer for floors.

Concrete coring hole

Work With the Concrete Coring Experts on Your Next Project Today and Get Nothing but the Best Results.

Our Locations

Scotty’s Welding and Fabrication are based in Berri and service the surrounding Riverland region with our concrete coring services. Our work locations include:

  • Berri
  • Renmark
  • Loxton
  • Waikerie
  • Barmera
  • Monash

If your location isn’t listed above, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you’re located in the Riverland region and need concrete coring services, we can definitely come to you.

Contact Us

Scotty’s Welding and Fabrication provides Concrete Coring services to Berri and across the Riverland. Contact our team today if you’re in need of our services. You can either call us or use our online contact form or come in to our Showroom & Workshop at 8 Hughes Street in Berri.

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  • Sheets in various sizes
  • Tube (up to 6” in size)
  • Solid Bar (up to 75mm in thickness)
  • Flat Bar (in various lengths and 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm in thickness)
  • Angle (in various lengths and 3mm and 5mm in thickness)
  • RHS (in various lengths and 1.6mm and 3mm in thickness)
  • BSM Unions and Blank Caps (from 1.5” up to 4” in size)
  • Triclover Unions and End Caps (from 1” up to 8” in size)
  • Bends 90° and 45° (from 1” up to 4” in size)
  • Tube Clamps – Plain Interlocking, Bossed Interlocking & Long Tang (from ¾” upto 4”)
  • Concentric & Eccentric Reducers (various sizes)
  • Pulled Reducing Tees (various sizes)
  • Equal Tees (from ¾” up to 4”)
  • Swept Tees (from 1” up to 4”)
  • Domed End Caps (from 1” to 4”)
  • Barrel Nipples (6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 32, 40,50, 65, 80, and 100mm)
  • Hex Nipples (6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 32, 40,50, 65, 80, and 100mm)
  • Sockets (6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 32, 40,50, 65, 80, and 100mm)
  • Toe Nipples (from ½” up to 4”)
  • BSP to Tube Adaptors (from 3/8” up to 4”)
  • Blind and Slip On Tube Flanges (from 1” up to 4”)
  • 3pce BSP Ball Valves (from ½” up to 3”)